Thursday, September 15, 2011

my new favorite picture...ever

if you weren't already aware, i do wedding announcements for my friends seth and maddy. their shop is called Ello There and their incredible invites can be found here. well, i have an invite featured there. maddy was doing surfing on the inter-web and came across a blog that included this picture. just so you're aware, i didn't do this. i mean, i designed it, but i certainly did not do this one. which means...I WAS RIPPED OFF!!!!!

i'm so excited about this. i hope this doesn't come across as sarcastic or cynical at all. i am really, truly and sincerely excited that some one copied me. that puts me up there with other graphic designers who have been copied, like saul bass, charlie harper, jason munn, or seth lucas (click on their names to see work of their that has been stolen). well, i'm not really at the same level as these four by any means, but they were copied and i was copied, so we're sort of on the same team right? i don't know, i just know that i'm really excited that someone liked my invite enough to do it themselves.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

please help me.

hello everyone, i'm sorry for not posting for a very long time. i could use your help though. i was with my friends seth & maddy lucas tonight showing them around denver. we were talking about how hard it is to continue with art after graduating school, something i have certainly felt. we decided one of the best ways to keep up with creating is to work on a series, that way the series will help push your work along (that's the hope at least). so, i'm starting a new series & that's where you come in.

i did a watercolor series a little while back in which i chose a line or two from every song from the debut album for Taking Back Sunday, "Tell All Your Friends" you can see that series here to see a little clearer what i mean. well, i would like to do this again. i need your help though, as i'm not sure which album to choose next. i have five choices for you, and i need you all to decide, leave your vote as a comment, and when i've decided its done, i'll tally up the votes and which ever wins will be the base for my next series. thanks so much for your help.

the choices are as follows (in no particular order)
1. We Have the Facts and We're Voting Yes - Death Cab For Cutie
2. Deja Entendu - Brand New
3. Re-Arrange Us - Mates of State
4. The Photo Album - Death Cab For Cutie
5. Four Minute Mile - The Get Up Kids