Wednesday, February 22, 2012

a new drawing and some illustration sketches

here is a new drawing i finished this week. the idea is about traveling and moving over seas. it's called "it seems farther than before"

i've also attached some illustrations from my sketch book. i don't know why, i just simply felt like sharing them with you. i hope you enjoy.

the captions in the illustrations are the following:
1. no caption
2. i hope you know i can never park there again
3. and if you want roses, then go buy a bouquet
4. fast
5. i need more brotein (this is an illustration of my friend abram, he enjoys working out and drinking lots of protein)
6. crawl 'til dawn on your hands and knees

Saturday, February 18, 2012

art show opening

so after applying and applying and applying, i finally got into a show! i was so excited to get accepted, then on top of that, i was given an honorable mention on one of the two pieces. i went to the openings a few nights ago, along with my friends bubba, ashley and bryana. this is my friend bubba in front of the two pieces hanging on the wall, as well as the painting that got the award next to the very understated ribbon (do you sense the sarcasm?).

the show is held at Spark Gallery in denver, and the theme of the show was Guilty Pleasures. over all, i'm extremely pleased and grateful with the outcome.

Friday, February 17, 2012

new drawing

this is a new drawing i finished. i'm having lots of fun playing around with the grid. i've done a few smaller drawings similar to this one and decided to try to do something a little more finished with the idea. i'm trying to experiment with leaving parts of the grid out as well as add more to the grid to create new shapes and lines. it's been quite fun.

this particular drawing is 34" x 34" on canvas. it's acrylic and graphite, and the title is "the space between us"

i'm going to continue exploring this idea, and will certain take pictures of those when they are complete.